EISENBAHNWERK - ZUGWerkstatt: hight quality rolling stock for Train Simulator 2017

Since 2009 Eisenbahnwerk has been building and publishing railway rolling stock for RailWorks Train Simulator.New add-on for Train Simulator 2017
is the steam locomotive Class 18.

Other popular and well-known add-ons of EISENBAHNWERK  are: OeBB Class 1189 Krokodil, DB-Donnerbuechsen,  Tube-Style Tender 2'2' T30, Torpedo Ladle Wagon and Leig Unit.

New products in progress are the Class V36  with Donnerbuechsen and control car.

With ZUGWerkstatt, we are offering a new series of wagons for Train Simulator 2017.


New Dms 905 Express Coaches

The package includes six different versions of the Dms 905 express coaches with pitched roof of the DB epoch 4 in the colors green, blue-beige, mint-green, traffic-red, traffic-red A and Cargo.

14.95 € *

New Dms 902 Express Coaches

The package includes five different versions of the Dms 902 express coaches of the DB epoch 4 in the colors green, blue-beige, mint-green, gray and traffic-red.

14.95 € *

New BDms 272 Semi Coaches

The package includes the BDsm 272 semi coaches from DB epoch 4 in the colors green and blue beige.

8.95 € *

New BDms 273 Semi Coaches

The package includes the BDsm 273 semi coaches from DB epoch 4 in the colors green, blue-beige and orient red.

11.95 € *

Class 18 505

This package contains the Class 18 in two versions. In addition to the BR 18 505 you will also find the BR 18 50X. The X stands for all other 29 machines of the series 18/5 with various structural changes to the model.

Compatible from TS2013 to 2017, Quick Drive, Dynamic number

12.90 € *

OeBB Class 1189 Krokodil

The package contains the "Crocodil" from Austria in two different liveries. Three passenger wagons ( 1. class, 2. class and 1./2. class mixed ) and one luggage trailer are included too. Two Free Roam scenarios show the vehicles at Hagen - Siegen and Seebergbahn.

10.50 € *

Donnerbuechsen with Luggage van

The ‘Thunder Box’ is a two-axle coach design first manufactured in Germany in the 1920s for Deutsche Reichsbahn. The type was able to seat from 40 to 66 passengers, depending on which travel class they were configured for. Retirement began in the 1960s, though many Donnerbüchsen remain in use on preserved railway. The Donnerbüchsen Coach pack for Train Simulator recreates the later steel-bodied versions as they appeared in the 1950s under Deutsche Bahn operation. 

11.50 € *

Leig Unit DB / DR / OeBB

The package includes the freight wagon Leig used for the transport of mixed cargo. End of the 1920s Deutsche Reichbahn started to use these wagons. The DB / DR and OeBB used these wagons until the 1970s.

3.50 € *

Torpedo Ladle Wagon

The Torpedopfannenwagen Pack, or Torpedo Ladle Wagon, recreates the special wagons used for the transportation of molten Steel. A special heavy-duty design is required for this challenging and dangerous work. Thanks to their construction, the steel load remains molten at the required temperature of 14000 degrees Celsius for more than 30 hours.

3.50 € *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery